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emergency response

Why Restoreserv?

We have successfully helped hundreds of homeowners and property owners get back on their feet.

It is our goal at to give you an unparalleled emergency response time with the best professionals in the industry. We want you to feel safe and cared for. We’re committed to quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction every day of the year.

Our professionals are fully certified and prescreened with years of experience in restoration and remediation. We also have specialized technicians for residential, commercial or industrial properties. You have high standards, and so do we.

Disaster has no schedule, which is why our professionals are available 24/7 to assist you. You can rely on RESTORESERV for a quick proven response, and adequate solutions in even the most difficult situations.

Our professionals offer emergency response solutions to ensure the safety and security of your business and home. These solutions go beyond that to stopping any further damage from occurring.

RESTORESERV operates a 24-hour emergency hotline, 365 days a year. Our trained staff records the information on your loss and notifies a RESTORESERV representative who is responsible for contacting you at once. After confirming the information, he will dispatch a crew to your office or home immediately.  Our professionals  are often among the first disaster response, management and restoration companies allowed into the area when disasters or catastrophes strike a large area or region. They respond as quickly as possible or whenever it is safe to do so, do keep in mind that it is very difficult for other companies to respond in a rapid manner in these cases.

Emergency Restoration Experts

We are the consultant you need when you are looking for professional advice on emergency restoration. With decades of experience, RESTORESERV’s partners can provide consulting services on all kinds of emergency restoration projects. Our professional consultants, who have years of experience and training in all types of emergency restoration, contents restoration, reconstruction and safety measures. Our partners are contractors you can trust because their proposals are based on real, accurate figures and realistic timeframes. They boast a proven track record of accomplishment.

Be prepared

It is now more important than ever to plan for disaster and recovery of damaged property or corporate assets. Being an industry leader in disaster recovery services, no one is more familiar with the physical, financial and emotional impact of disasters on people than we and our partners are. It is surprising that a lot of businesses and homeowners see recovering from an emergency as a DIY task. You are not alone! Our network’s property damage recovery experts can respond to all kinds of incidents involving water, fire, mold, storm and other weather-related aspects. Do not rely on strangers during an emergency .


Safety is our top concern,

RESTORESERV’s affiliates place their main focus on providing a secure and healthy work environment. They aim to ensure that their operations are carried out without accidents, bodily harm, injury, work-related illness, or negative environmental impact.



Emergency Help

Need emergency service? Immediate dispatch: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us toll-free at 1-844-927-1818

Quick Question?

Live chat with a professional now to get quick and easy responses to your remediation and restoration questions.



At we know time is crucial when a home emergency arise. that's why we really care about delivering a true fast response.


We've got the know how of many years of experience in the restoration emergency field. Our highly prepared technicians will take the situation under control in no time.


Last generation Hi-tech gear and a full range of equipment is brought to your place so any problem, no matter what it may be, can be handled at the very moment.


What our customers say

This letter is in recommendation of the superior services rendered by and their staff. they are very professional and diligent in their duties. I recommend them for any Fire and Water Emergency Loss Restoration.

Nick C.

Los Angels. CA

" Restoreserv has exceeded all expectations of Customer Service and Professionalism."

Peter G.

Kansas City, MO

I Needed to find a water damage company in a hurry due to a pipe that had burst in my home, I felt very fortunate to find Restoreserv online. The lady on the phone was able to put me at ease. Not only did she promptly take care of my immediate needs, but she was able to dispatch a professional crew to come to my home with in 1 hour! The restoration company that came out to my home was able to restore my property and billed my insurance company for the work. The work didn't cost me anything. Not only have I found Restoreserv and their staff to be consummate professionals, but they treat their customers with the utmost respect and courtesy in a time of need. I'm so fortunate that I called Restoreserv.

Jacqueline O.

San Diego, CA

"RestoreServ is professional and offers the best customer service"

Michelle S.


"Restoreserv's response was quick, and professional. I was very pleased with their work and would recommend them for a remarkable job ."

James B.

Little Rock, AR

"The RestoreServ team has far exceeded all of my expectations. They have been prompt, trustworthy, and professional. They are an excellent company, Highly recommended!"

Julie L.

Charlotte, NC

"RestoreServ's service is outstanding. I cannot say enough about their politeness, prompt service and thoroughness. We would highly recommend them to anyone. They seem to know the sense of urgency and are considerate of their clients."

Laurie R.

Miami, FL

I recently moved to Houston, TX and I don't know too many people here. So when I found myself with a broken water line you can imagine the state of confusion I was in My neighbor suggested I try calling Let me tell you how glad I am that I did. The job was finished in half the time I thought it would take and everyone I came in contact with whether on the phone or in person was so professional.

Rhonda M.

Houston, TX

"Thank you Restoreserv! They responded immediately to my water damage claim. Their quick response saved my wood floors. I will certainly refer you to anyone i know."

Daniel G.

Aurora, CO

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